About Us

Gintals was founded about 2012.

About our company

First of all, it is a leading Digital Company aiming to help advertisers & publishers gain highest ROI with Proven.

Also, App Marketing strategies by offering a wide range of proven innovative solutions for performance based marketing to help brands.

Achieve high ROI’s.

Another thing is we work on all of the main marketing metrics including Cost Per Action (CPA), and Cost Per install (CPI).

Furthermore, we have variety of gaming apps for direct Android and IOS.

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Digital Marketing Agency

In addition, Gintals is a leading Digital Marketing Agency delivering high quality worldwide traffic and it has a strength of more than 250 Advertisers and 2000+ affiliates.

Finally, a one stop solution for Campaign management for native ads, video ads, text ads, performance based ads, cost per install, cost per registration, Cost Per Impression, Cost Per visit and Cost per clicks for web & mobile traffic delivering more than 30 million daily clicks, 10 million daily impressions and 1 million daily unique visitors. Doing direct in app promotions for performance driven marketing to achieve highest ROI’s.

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